New Begginings…. In Style

28 Jan

Vuvu Nqezane

For billions of people around the world, the transition from 2010 to 2011 means very little, if not nothing at all_ yet for me, it means soooooo much!

After celebrating the entry into 2011 in fabulous style with a bottle of Moet champagne and great wine amongst the company of great friends and family in my new apartment, I couldn’t help but reflect on the year that just ended (although that isn’t like me_ I tend to get emotional)

2010 was a very successful year for me with excellent academic achievements at school, my love life had blossomed and my social standing in society was at an all-time high! Things weren’t just positive though!, there was a period through which I suffered severe depression as I was struggling to cope with the matric workload and the pressures of keeping appearance. Thanks to God and the holidays I survived and came back stronger than ever!

With 2011 FINALLY here, I am VERY happy as a lot of change is happening in my life. I’ve just recently came back from Xhosa initiation school where I went through the process of becoming a man according to my culture and I have also just recently moved to Grahamstown, Eastern Cape where I will be enrolling at Rhodes University to study Journalism&Media and Drama! (The fact that it has the best journalism school in Africa excites me more! Lol) Apart from that I am also extremely excited about the fact that I will be moving into my OWN apartment and begin an entirely new phase of my life in the freedom of my own space.

I am very happy with the state of my life and I pray to God it stays this way. For the past few days I have been going furniture shopping and decorating my apartment and am LOVING this process! Picking out every spoon, scatter cushion, rug, mirror and kitchen utensil is utter bliss and allows me to express my creativity in a manner which makes me happy. God has truly blessed me!

2011 seems to hold a very promising prospect for me and I look forward to it! Xoxo *V!*

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