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I am passionate about the media at large!.. I love the Lord Jesus Christ and live to serve Him with all my life! I'm a Journalism and Media Studies student and strive to be the best at hat i do!.. im VERY tall and quit handsome, lol... i live and breath swagg and am passionate about life. I hate fake and pretencious people and pity people with no direction in life. I am VERY driven in life and am goal orientated as I am a born leader destined to do great thing (Although its a cliche, its true) I am passionate about anthropology and serving my fellow man and strive to create initiatives that will better other peoples lives.

The bore that is politics…

To Vote- or not to vote!

It is yet again that time of the political cycle that South Africans come together to vote for the people that are going to be in charge of their municipalities!! For some, this is a period of anticipation; for some its a period of waiting to see wether your party is going to win and you’re FINALLY going to get that job that affords you to finally get that BMW you’ve been yearning for; and for some, like me- its a time of complete indifference.

I found myself wondering why i wasn’t in the least interested in going and casting my vote. I am normally SO outspoken and opinionated about political matters during informal twitter and classroom debates yet now that the time has come to convert my voice from all talk to action- i just simply wasn’t interested! All over my time line on twitter i was reading stories of people celebrating their democratic maturity by casting their votes, yet this in no manner even booed my spirits to want to vote!

I have now sadly found myself becoming a cynic who is fast losing hope in the over used phrase of ‘every vote counts’ and the ideology of a government that delivers to its people. I trust that my feelings are not a reflection of the youth of South Africa as if that is so, we are SO screwed!

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This picture is too amazing

Karl Lagerfeld and Blake Lively

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YouTube – OFFICIAL HD Let\’s Move! \”Move Your Body\” Music Video with Beyoncé – NABEF

YouTube – OFFICIAL HD Let\’s Move! \”Move Your Body\” Music Video with Beyoncé – NABEF

via YouTube – OFFICIAL HD Let\’s Move! \”Move Your Body\” Music Video with Beyoncé – NABEF.

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YouTube – Beyonce Surprises Students At Harlem School PS 161 For Her Let\\\’s Move! Flash Workout Event!

YouTube – Beyonce Surprises Students At Harlem School PS 161 For Her Let\\’s Move! Flash Workout Event!

via YouTube – Beyonce Surprises Students At Harlem School PS 161 For Her Let\\\’s Move! Flash Workout Event!.

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Racism- what about it?


As some of you might know, I am currently at university and one of my majors is Anthropology. We just recently started a module on ‘Race and Ethnicity’ and it kind of took me by surprise that I found this topic to be such an interesting and touchy one. Being someone who had grown up with and around white people my entire life, I had never really been a racially considerate person regardless of the contrary that I received from a lot of my white counterparts. Yes, we used to laugh with each other; hug and play together; and even share food, yet one still got a sense of there are just some things that will never change and there will always be a racial boundary that will prevent people from obsolete to the concept of racial difference. Once I got to Rhodes University (where I am currently studying), I genuinely thought I was at a place where all racial boundaries had been transcended and there was no such thing as racial division. It gave me a sense of pride; warmth and happiness in seeing black people interact with other races in a matter which was of brotherly love in my eyes there was no hindering on one’s body colour so as to decide what kind of interaction was appropriate and what wasn’t.

Yet once I attended lectures on the issue of ‘Race and Ethnicity’, it got me thinking and seeing in a different perspective. It started to become visible that in this place that I considered ‘racial neutrality’- racial division was very prevalent in a manner which was both extremely tactful and subliminal. I started seeing how the people racially grouped themselves in the dining halls of the residencies; at society socials; and even the insipid use and preference of the compute laboratories. It was like my eyes had been opened up to a new world that wasn’t as rosy as I thought it was. It also was that a lot of the racial division was subliminal and that a lot of the people weren’t even aware that they were doing it such as in the case where a lot of the blacks who sit together and a lot of the whites sit together and a lot of the Muslims sit together in the dining halls with very little people sitting in racially mixed groups. It even extended to the point where some computer labs are used by whites and some by blacks!

One of the more subtle ways of justifying the racial divisions for of the students was in the preferences regarding party spots . Black people partied at certain spots and white people partied at certain spots and it was at a few places where everyone came to union and partied together. This is casually blamed on the difference in ‘music taste’ where-by if you as a black person privately why they don’t party at ‘Friars’ (A dance club where they play dance electro music), they will tell you it’s too white; and if you privately ask a white person why they don’t party at ‘Equilibrium’ ( a night club where they play House and Hip-Hop music), they will tell you it’s too black! All of these revelations have reinforced in me the belief that there will always be racial issues in our country. As sad as it is to say- racism has been embedded into the DNA of all South Africans and we will all fall victim to it throughout our entire lives. We might all laugh, play, love and connect with each other- BUT THERE ARE JUST SOME THINGS THAT WHITES WILL NEVER DO WITH BLACKS AND SOME THINGS BLACKS WLL NEVER DO WITH WHITES

xoxo *V!*

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Wow. its been a while since I have updated my blog- university has just been SO hectic and crazy I’m struggling to keep up. i really want to share my thoughts and opinions with all of you and i vow to start blogging as often as possible, atleast twice a week. I love you all and my mind is buzzing with opinions.

stay tuned—> I’m about to blog away!

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Conversation with the fabulous Liezel Van Der Westhuizen

The fabulous, talented and sexy Liezel Van Der Westhuizen

Liezel Van Der Westhuizen is one of South Africa’s top female presenters who got her big break as a continuity presenter on SABC 3. She has since moved on to becoming a household name being the presenter of Mnet Idols, a celebrated model and actress, sportswoman, style icon and now host of ‘Expresso’ on SABC 3! She has truly come a long way from her days as a music manager on Tuks fm at the University of Pretoria where she obtained a Masters Degree in Communications Management. Beauty AND brains!


 Vuvu Nqezane: Who is Liezel Van Der Westhuizen?

 Liezel Van Der Westhuizen: Liezel is a sister; daughter and best friend. A tomboy from Pretoria who used to work as a journalist in Grahamstown, and a woman who loves spending time with her family in Port Alfred. I am girl who has a soft spot for the Eastern Cape and the sporty girl who isn’t the fattest or fittest athlete, but the person who has the most fun taking part in any event.

 VN: ‎Tell us a bit about your family.

 LV: ‎ I have a truly big African family, lots of aunts and uncles and cousins and we’re all very close. We spend a lot of time doing stuff together. I have one sister and everyone always jokes and says we’re twins because we are very similar.

  VN: haha_ wow…. Sounds like a very interesting family……Are you currently involved? 

LV: ‎ Yes I have a fabulous partner.

 VN: ‎ Mmmmmmm_ I’m getting a sense of secrecy here…

 LV: ‎ Hahaha, no not really

 VN: ‎ then share with us! Who is he!?

 LV: He’s a jozi boy

 VN: Oh ohk!  I’m sure your boyfriend and family understands, but a lot of people out there still fail to understand your deep love for sports, particularly triathlon- care to explain that to us?

 LV: I love triathlon because its 3 different sports in one, you get tested on 3 different levels. It’s a great variety and you’ll never get bored with Triathlon. The nice thing is it’s also a team or family sport. You can get 3 different people to do either swimming, cycling or the running section. I even got my mom to do one with me; she did the running part of it. And it doesn’t matter what your age is and/or how good you are, in most triathlons there is no cut off time.

 VN: Wow_ your passion is contagious….


a mega force to be reckoned with!


 VN: ‎ Have you always wanted to be a presenter?

LV: Yes, from a little girl, I’d always wanted to be a presenter.

 VN: How hard is it to remain relevant and ‘fresh’ in the industry you’re in? Let alone employed

LV: It’s a small industry and it’s important to remain fresh and relevant, so I try to be creative with the work I do and I don’t only focus on TV, I do radio as well.

 VN: Yes, South African audiences have received you very well!- one can tell you got very good training at TuksFM

 LV: I’m now on KFM in Cape Town, its very, very new. ‎ I just did two shows in December and to do two more shows in the next two weeks.

VN: ‎ sounds promising…

*If you could have any other career, what would it be?

LV: My alternative career would be a personal trainer.

VN: Any other work that you do in radio?

 LV: ‎Yes, I also do Gold Reef City’s in house radio as well as Carnival City Radio and Airports Company South Africa’s in house radio station.

 ‎”This is an exclusive because no media person knows about the other radio work I do”

 VN: ‎ Wow_ you seem to have your hands on a lot of projects. That’s always good in the South African media, versatility is key.

 LV: That’s true!

VN: Why do you do what you do? What’s the driving force behind getting up everyday and going to work?

LV: I love what I do, I love getting up every morning and waking up South Africa and the Expresso viewer family. It feels like I’m part of the viewer’s homes and enjoying coffee with them in their lounges each morning.

 VN: ‎ Your passion is commendable! What other people in the media industry do you admire and look up to?

 LV: I look up to Joanne Strauss, she’s hard working; passionate and has a great sense of style.

 VN: ‎ Very true.

Liezel at a cricket game between India and South Africa


 VN: You are known for having a strong sense of style that is elegant, chic and very feminine, do you have a stylist?

 LV: I don’t have a stylist; I do have a very stylish sister though who I always ask to advise me on what to wear.

VN: haha, that’s sweet- dress-up time must certainly be a lot of fun!

 *Define your sense of style?

 LV: I mix my tom-boy sporty nature with something from a local designer and I always add a twist.

 VN: As I can imagine, image is everything in the media industry- did you at any point have to change or alter your fashion perspective to conform to industry standards?

 LV: ‎ Yes I did. I used to have bright pink hair and I had to dye it pink when I started at SABC3.

 VN: uhm… So you went from bright pink to pink?

 LV: Hahaa! Sorry I meant from pink to blonde.

 VN: Hahahaha_ thought so….. What would your definition of fabulosity be?

 LV: Fast Fabulous and fashionable!

 VN: ‎ Haha, How important for you as ‘Liezel’, not the model and media personality to dress fabulously and immaculate at all times?

 LV: Not too important, I’m just like every other women, there are days when I go shopping in my running/cycling clothes with no make up.

 VN: Ohk, Now for someone looking to follow in your footsteps and pursue the same career, What advice would you give with regards to school activities and study options?

 LV: ‎ My mothers advise to me was to first go and complete my degree in anything other than acting or presenting, and once I’d gotten an education I could follow my dream. It turned out to be the best advise for me as I went on to work in the field I studied in. The entertainment industry is very short term career and I know when I’m not able to do presenting anymore, I’ll be able to fall back and work in another field that I’m qualified in.

 VN: ‎ Wow, wise words!

*Thanks a lot Liezel, its always a pleasure talking to you

 xoxo *V!*

Beautifull and Angelic Liezel Van Der Westhuizen


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