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What music means to me…

What is music? Music has the ability to ruin or make a persons life, make or destroy a persons day, drive you to insanity or even motivate you to build your life.

 Whenever I listen to certain songs, I can feel a cocktail of emotions surfacing and erupting in my soul. I can feel my soul being moved by every lingering lyric, I can feel my pulse pumping softer and melodically. My inner being feels at peace and is content with all around it. Music makes me want to cry, strip naked and proclaim my love for all those around me. Music makes me lose control, in the words of the legend herself, Missy Elliot. Music makes me feel as though i’m inlove. MUSIC BRINGS ME TO LIFE.

 Music ignites that inner spark of mine that makes my life, purpose and understanding. Music is a living body which has the ability to manipulate one to do things that you normally wouldn’t do. Every beat, stroke, tone and melody works hand-in-hand warming up your soul and making you content. Music is my joy, love and pleasure. It allows me the opportunity to escape to another realm where only peace exists. Music is one of those things in life that never loses its value.

 I bow down to all those that have physicaly touched my soul through their magnificent music. Beyonce [DIVA!], I bow; Shane Ward, I bow; Stars, I bow; Jay Z, I bow; Ludwig Van Beethowen, I bow; Tailor Swift, I bow; Brandy, I bow; David Guetta, I bow; Black Eyed Peas, I bow; Usher, I bow; Leona Lewis, I bow; Celine Dion, i bow; Cast of Glee, I bow [lol]. To all those artists that have managed to move my soul into a state of serenity, I BOW! My life would be incomplete without the magic of music. Theres a song called ‘Your Ex Lover I s Dead’ by a Canadian group called ‘Stars’. No other song had EVER touched my soul like that song, IT MOVED ME!! It took my soul to an entirely different place,a state of serenity, utter bliss and conentness.


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Posted by on January 28, 2011 in Music