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The bore that is politics…

To Vote- or not to vote!

It is yet again that time of the political cycle that South Africans come together to vote for the people that are going to be in charge of their municipalities!! For some, this is a period of anticipation; for some its a period of waiting to see wether your party is going to win and you’re FINALLY going to get that job that affords you to finally get that BMW you’ve been yearning for; and for some, like me- its a time of complete indifference.

I found myself wondering why i wasn’t in the least interested in going and casting my vote. I am normally SO outspoken and opinionated about political matters during informal twitter and classroom debates yet now that the time has come to convert my voice from all talk to action- i just simply wasn’t interested! All over my time line on twitter i was reading stories of people celebrating their democratic maturity by casting their votes, yet this in no manner even booed my spirits to want to vote!

I have now sadly found myself becoming a cynic who is fast losing hope in the over used phrase of ‘every vote counts’ and the ideology of a government that delivers to its people. I trust that my feelings are not a reflection of the youth of South Africa as if that is so, we are SO screwed!

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Style and Fabulosity…MY way

Being the fussy, full of shit, ‘perfectionist’ self I am_ every day I am overcome by a sense of anger and pity at how a lot of South Africans do not pay attention to the way they dress and carry themselves!

Looking immaculate and well groomed at all times is such an important aspect to my life that whenever I walk through streets or at shopping malls, I am constantly analysing what people are wearing and working out in my mind how I rate that outfit and how I could tweak it to make it Fabulous MY way! {its extremely draining}

Through all these experiences, I have one simple question, what is happening to the dress sense of South Africans!?
I decided to go out there and find out- for some ridiculous reason, a lot of people blame a lack of financial power and minimal time to dress up everyday for not being able to look immaculate and fabulous at all times! REALLY!? Take note my dears_ looking stylish and fabulous doesn’t cost a thing! Style starts with confidence and feeling so good about what your wearing that it rubs off on those around you regardless of what shit you’re wearing!!!!

I find it hard to describe the feeling I get whenever I walk around in public and I can feel how people are looking at me and admiring what I’m wearing and the way I’m carrying myself! You get a sense of accomplishment and pride in your clothes! For me, buying clothes is a lot more than buying material to drape myself in, shopping is an opportunity to endorse and grow my brand! I get SOOOOO much more out of my clothes than just looking good and covering up.

Isn’t the hassle of finding the perfect garment for YOU worth the reward at the end?- regardless of your abilities and personality, we live in a world where we are judged predominantly by our appearance, with 80% of it being what were wearing.

Looking immaculate in your OWN sense of style at all times is VERY important

People need to understand that your clothes are who YOU are! They are an extension of your soul and can either build or break your brand. As for the financial aspect of it, fortunately for us_ in my opinion_ South Africans have moved on from being caught up in the hype of what brand your wearing and rather focus on what the end product looks like. Like I said earlier, if you feel good about it you can make anything look good. I am one of those people who believe in buying inexpensive items and making it look very expensive by pairing it well with other items and just feeling damn good about it!- accessories are just as important! A scarf, hat, shoe or watch can completely transform an outfit

I love fashion and I treat it with the utmost respect and honour it deserves! I hope with this post I can spread the message that style and fabulosity is free- its up to you to make it look expensive! Lol

Xoxo *V!*

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