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The bore that is politics…

To Vote- or not to vote!

It is yet again that time of the political cycle that South Africans come together to vote for the people that are going to be in charge of their municipalities!! For some, this is a period of anticipation; for some its a period of waiting to see wether your party is going to win and you’re FINALLY going to get that job that affords you to finally get that BMW you’ve been yearning for; and for some, like me- its a time of complete indifference.

I found myself wondering why i wasn’t in the least interested in going and casting my vote. I am normally SO outspoken and opinionated about political matters during informal twitter and classroom debates yet now that the time has come to convert my voice from all talk to action- i just simply wasn’t interested! All over my time line on twitter i was reading stories of people celebrating their democratic maturity by casting their votes, yet this in no manner even booed my spirits to want to vote!

I have now sadly found myself becoming a cynic who is fast losing hope in the over used phrase of ‘every vote counts’ and the ideology of a government that delivers to its people. I trust that my feelings are not a reflection of the youth of South Africa as if that is so, we are SO screwed!

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